[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate

After analyzing a NASA image, conspiracy theorists discovered a mysterious green UFO hovering very close to Jupiter's surface.

The Earth is possibly a strange rock because it is the only known place in the universe where life can exist. However, other intelligent beings in a similar planetary oasis light years away from our solar system may be looking in our direction and seeing us as a weak signal that they are not alone in the universe. Astronomers have confirmed the existence of nearly 4,000 planets beyond our solar system, some of which may have the necessary conditions to support life as we know it. We should be able to learn more about these worlds and their potential to house plants, animals, and even civilizations as technology advances.

[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate 1

Mysterious green UFO spotted on Jupiter from NASA image.

This is how some scientists view the prospect of intelligent life on other worlds. Many people, however, believe that alien life does exist, and that beings from other worlds have visited and continue to visit our globe. Even professionals in the subject agree that sentient life exists on other planets in this Solar System, but that it vibrates at a much higher frequency than the plane we live on here on Earth.

[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate 2

Researchers analysed light that bounced back from Ganymede — seen here nearly disappearing behind Jupiter in a Hubble Space Telescope image — after filtering through the Jovian atmosphere.

If NASA sent astronauts to Venus, for example, they would find no evidence of a Venusian civilisation unless the planet’s inhabitants chose to inform them of its presence. It is, without a doubt, a possibility. However, proof for this idea may now exist, and it is located in the most unlikely of places: Jupiter. When a mystery green object hovering just above the surface is clearly visible in a NASA image just released, it has generated a stir. (Jupiter’s UFO)

[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate 3

Jupiter is the Planet of Hope.

The image in issue (which you can see here) was acquired by the Juno spacecraft on September 6, 2018, as it approached Jupiter for the fifteenth time. Juno was roughly 22 degrees south latitude and 11,950 kilometers from the planet’s cloud tops at the time. This mission, which is part of NASA’s New Frontiers space program, is dedicated to studying Jupiter. It depicts an elongated brown oval known as the ‘brown barge’ in Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt.

[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate 4

This illustration depicts NASA’s Juno spacecraft in orbit above Jupiter.

However, NASA didn’t predict that its photograph, which was released on September 13, would make a stir on social media. If you expand the top right corner of the image, you can easily see a mystery green object hovering quite close to Jupiter’s surface. Many people said that the green UFO was indisputable proof of extraterrestrial life. Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, according to this notion, have the technology to tolerate extreme circumstances on sterile planets like Jupiter.

[Video] A huge UFO spotted on Jupiter in a NASA image, sparking debate 5

“Under the ground of Jupiter lives intelligent lives like humans being,” commented Azazael Russia, another YouTuber.

However, there is another possibility: its interior contains a technologically advanced world. Jupiter, according to science, is a gaseous giant made composed of helium and hydrogen with a large rocky core. As a result, there is no way for any type of life to live inside Jupiter. NASA launched the Galileo spacecraft into Jupiter’s atmosphere more than two decades ago. He was able to complete more than 160 kilometers before disintegrating.

What if the gases of this massive planet shield what it hides underneath, a civilization similar to ours or higher? This would allow intelligent extraterrestrial individuals to live in their interiors without being noticed, arriving and leaving freely with spaceships that were designed to withstand such adverse conditions.

VIDEO: Mysterious Green Anomaly spotted on Jupiter.

Skeptics, on the other hand, provide a different explanation for this unexplained event. Some scientists believe the UFO is the product of an aberration in the picture sensor after reviewing the photo. This anomaly could have been produced by the reflection of high-energy particles hitting the sensors in sunlight. However, other conspiracy theorists disagree with the skeptics, claiming that NASA is preparing for a huge reveal, and that the distribution of photographs like this is proof of the slow but inevitable acceptance of extraterrestrial life.

Is it a reflection of particles in the camera lens, a cosmic phenomenon, or something out of this world that humans have yet to comprehend? It’s totally up to you.


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