6 things you need to know about Haaland – Unique lifestyle different from the world


Haaland was born in Leeds on July 21, 2000. (England). Alfie Haaland, his father, was a Leeds United player at the time. Haaland didn’t move to Bryne, his parents’ homeland in Norway, until 2004 after Roy Keane helped Haaland’s father have his career stopped. The Man City striker was also given the nicknames Manchild and Big Earl since he was a youngster.

Haaland when he was a kid

A quote from the striker himself sums up the attitude of Bryne and his upbringing better than anyone else can.

He once tweeted: “I was given advice by a farmer a few years back: Let your feet do the talking and everything else will be fine.”

Erling Haaland & hành trình từ Bryne đến Dortmund

Haaland was very well educated from an early age


When Haaland was 5 years old, he joined the neighborhood team Bryne, and 10 years later, he was promoted to the first team. The former Dortmund striker joined Molde, a team competing in the Norwegian league, at the age of 16. Robert Undheim, a former teammate who is currently a player for Bryne, claims that Haaland has demonstrated the gift of a tremendous skill since an early age. Although Haaland was not as tall then as he is now, he showed himself to be quite intelligent and agile.

Haaland spent most of his upbringing in the Norwegian town

Haaland is a farmer in the field

Another Bryne defender, Sondre Norheim, commented on Haaland as follows: “Haaland always trains and plays against seniors who are bigger than him. However, he has no problem because he has the ability to run, choose positions and touch the ball very well.

Erling Haaland is a year younger than most of the boys in the group.

He’s the kind of guy who does three things perfectly. First, he laughs the most (all the time); second, he exercises the most and third (most importantly), he scores the most goals.

3. PLAY BALL IN …Fridges

Haaland is quite straightforward because his father was a player who once played for Man City. He plays football with pals frequently on the village’s artificial turf field in addition to his training sessions at the club. Children can play here for free in Bryne. In the coastal village of Bryne, it can block strong winds, but it cannot keep the player warm. The artificial courtyard is still referred to as “the refrigerator” by Haaland and his friends since it is cooler inside than out, claims Hans-Oyvind Sagen, the chief executive officer of Bryne.

Woodworking is Haaland’s favorite job


In Bryne, Haaland, his uncle Gabriel Hoyland was a farmer who raised pigs, cows, and potatoes. When he’s not playing football, he enjoys driving plows, tending cattle, and manufacturing carpentry. Later, when he became a famous player, Haaland, instead of going to luxury resorts for summer vacation, often returned to his hometown to experience a simple but meaningful life.

Haaland is not afraid to take care of cows


Haaland was relatively little at the ages of 15 or 16, according to Gunnar Halle, the coach of the Norwegian youth team, but he grew up quickly at the age of 17. Due to her brief experience, Haaland has developed coping mechanisms that will enable her to deal with both physical and non-physical setbacks. These values are maintained when a “giant” reaches out, which makes Haaland twice as hazardous.

Haaland loves going to Chinese restaurants

6. ALWAYS KEEP paws on the ground

Haaland is very much loved by the people of Bryne because he lives in harmony with everyone and does not show a “star” attitude. Whenever he returns to his hometown, the player born in 2000 often eats at a Chinese restaurant that specializes in serving delicious and cheap food owned by Ms. Hui Zhu Wang.

Haaland’s stature was not outstanding before

He promised to do the same for a Man City jersey and once gave Hui Zhu Wang an autographed Dortmund jersey. Haaland doesn’t have the boisterous cheerleaders in Bryne who thunderously greeted him. The people in his hometown give Haaland a sense of idyllic familiarity, which is why the new Man City rookie considers Bryne as a paradise.

Haaland drinks water with friends

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