5 New videos: Breathtaking UFO video! UFO filmed from helicopter

Alien Planet' channel brings the latest UFO/Alien Videos.

UFO Filmed From Helicopter! UFO Sightings

“Alien Planet” Channel comes up with Latest UFO/Alien Sightings Videos.UFO sightings in outer space are sightings of unidentified flying objects reported by astronauts while in space that they could not explain at the time.

These sightings were claimed as evidence for Alien visits by ufologists, although prosaic explanations have since been found for almost all of them.


While some have been debunked as fake, there are still dozens that have left even the experts scratching their heads and wondering if we really have been visited by creatures from UFO, the mysterious moving object that appears in the sky occasionally is claimed to have no orthodox scientific explanation regarding its existence. As per the prevailing belief, they are flying saucer and the same can be monster spaceships carrying real extraterrestrials through clouds.


Some of the alleged sightings never occurred: science fiction writer Otto Binder perpetuated a hoax claiming Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong had encountered UFOs during the mission. Do Alien exist? Hundreds of pictures and videos of UFO are taken every year and enthusiasts believe many of them could be proof or even a hidden conspiracy.


Nowadays, UFO sighting has been a matter of amusement rather than a concern, even though there are ample pieces of evidence about their scary appearance. However, in postmodern culture, where Alien Videos are common, the movement of UFO needs to be taken as a serious matter. The appearance of flying saucer and their real images caught on tape is a proof of Alien life and the same has ignited the curiosity of NASA.



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