5 best resource packs to increase FPS in Minecraft 1.19

If you are having performance issues while playing Minecraft, the mods below will help maximize the graphics and increase the fps in the game.

Although the graphics of Minecraft are extremely simple, the game is extremely space-consuming to play. Minecraft is processor-intensive, which makes it difficult for Minecraft gamers who are trying to multi-task.

Fortunately, the game community has come up with some solutions to this problem. Players can install some mods or resource packs to increase FPS for Minecraft.

In this article, JustbartaNews will introduce gamers to the best resource packs to increase FPS in Minecraft 1.19.

MS Painted

MS Painted Resource Pack (1.19.2, 1.18.2) for Minecraft is created entirely with Microsoft Paint and uses a default palette of 20 different colors. The lack of elaborate and detailed construction makes this package super light and suitable for all types of devices. The package initially started as a joke but the developer decided to take it seriously after the positive feedback.

Beautiful interface, the MS Painted package gives the player a welcome and warm cartoon-like look like one of the children’s TV shows. Apparently, all the resources in the package are created in MS Paint with the mouse.

Easy Blocks

Unlike the MS Painted pack that revolves around regular Minecraft textures, Easy Blocks stays true to the vanilla Minecraft theme. This is a basic 16×16 texture pack with the same fidelity as vanilla Minecraft textures. However, this pack reduces some specific effects to make textures simpler and easier to load.

The graphics of this pack are much sharper and the pixels are much better separated – this results in a more animated and blocky image. Textures of all block types have been changed including diamond, cobblestone, granite, rock, dirt, different ores, lapis, etc.

Tiny Pixels

Tiny Pixels is a pack with vibrant colors and smooth textures that give it a vanilla feel while still going pretty far in terms of style. Instead of the usual detailed surface, it has a much more stylized look, looking more like Legos. Most textures are solid colors, with shadows applied at the edges of the blocks to help separate them. This makes the blocks look good at large distances and prevents them from mixing together too much.

Higher resolution resource packs don’t always translate to more fun – Tiny Pixels actually downscales the resolution from the default 16x to 8x. This saves a lot of processing on the device.

Paper Cut Out

Paper Cut Out is a classic cartoon style resource pack with paper folding and paper cutting themes. Its simple style aims to make your Minecraft graphics look like the flat, paper cut of the original.

What this pack lacks is high-quality graphics, but the resource pack makes up for in simplicity. Resources are small, which helps to reduce the loading time of the game.


F8thful is a vanilla friendly resource pack where every texture has been recreated in 8×8! By using half the standard resolution in vanilla Minecraft, this pack creates a whole new visual experience without changing the gameplay. F8thful can easily turn regular Minecraft graphics into an old 8bit game.

Since the F8thful pack uses a lower resolution, the player can experience a significant amount of FPS increase.

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