£35m Man Utd lead line Arsenal tells Chelsea’s star that he is not a ‘better match’

Christian Pulisic was informed by a former United States international that the Gunners may not be a “good fit” for him, which may put Manchester United ahead of Arsenal in the race to sign him as a player.

The future of Pulisic has been uncertain for a little while at this point. Indeed, it appeared that he was dissatisfied with the job that Thomas Tuchel had assigned him to perform at Stamford Bridge.

He only started 13 Premier League games the previous year while the German was his coach. Despite this, he was able to score six times and also contribute two assists to the team’s total.

Before Tuchel was fired earlier this season, the American had appeared in the league only a few times at most. On the other hand, considering that the previous manager was fired, it appeared as though Pulisic was prepared to battle for his position in the team.

Although Graham Potter has given him a few opportunities to play in the league, only two of those opportunities have been starting roles.

In addition to that, during one of those, Pulisic played out of position, taking on the role of a wing back. A forward who has contributed to about 100 goals over the course of around 250 games played during his senior career appears to be much more suited for play up front.

In point of fact, his circumstance has not improved all that much since the trying time when Tuchel was in charge of things at the helm.

Given Pulisic’s place on the periphery of the team, outside connections have continued during the current campaign.

According to Pulisic, Arsenal is not the right fit.

It would appear that Manchester United, Arsenal, and Newcastle United are “watching developments” in his predicament.

In addition to this, Chelsea might be “ready to sacrifice” the American. That much makes sense, especially considering the fact that they might make a respectable price off of him.

It has been stated that the amount they are aiming to raise is in the neighbourhood of 35 million pounds.

Given that there are three teams who have expressed interest in him, Chelsea has a good chance of discovering that one of those teams is willing to pay that amount.

Having said that, it’s possible that one side is in a far stronger position right now. Eric Wynalda, a former player for the United States of America national team, has disclosed that one team would be a good fit while the other team would notreport this ad

I have my doubts about whether or not Arsenal would be a good destination for Christian Pulisic. However, the possibility of him joining Manchester United is really exciting to me. According to Metro, he stated that there will be a different atmosphere with that team now that Cristiano Ronaldo has left the club.

In point of fact, Arsenal are in an incredible position at the moment. They are now in first place in the Premier League, and their offensive unit is performing at a high level.

Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus, and Bukayo Saka are all regular strikers, and all three of them have scored five goals. As a consequence of this, penetrating that defence becomes unlikely.

Even though Jesus may be out with an injury for a short spell, it is highly possible that as soon as he recovers he will jump right back into the action. As a consequence of this, if Pulisic were to sign with the club, he would most likely take on the same role there as he plays at Chelsea, which is one that he does not particularly enjoy.

Transfer opportunities available with Smart United

A transfer to United, on the other hand, is looking more and more plausible. As a result of Ronaldo’s departure, Erik ten Hag only has two strikers available to choose from: Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford.

As a result, including yet another aggressor in the fight appears to be a good plan. United has a good chance of acquiring a new striker, but Pulisic might be a better choice for them.

He will not cost as much as a famous striker would. In addition, Rashford might perform better in the centre if he moved there more frequently to fulfil that function, while the American might be better off playing on the flanks.

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