34 touches – 1 shot: Nunez is a ‘burden’ vs South Korea; ‘Genius Mind’ leaves Liverpool


The statistics of Nunez’s first World Cup match reveal that he had one shot on goal and 34 touches on the ball.

Because the Asians were successful in silencing Nunez for a significant portion of the game, we are unable to say that this is Nunez’s best performance because they were successful in silencing him.

The player, who is 23 years old, had one shot that fizzled out just outside the post during the 90 minutes that he was on the field.

Because he was unable to make a timely connection to a diagonal ball in the first half, he squandered a golden opportunity that was presented to him:


Nunez stats vs South Korea:

90 minutes played

34 touches


0 goals/assists

0 shots on target

1 big chance missed

1 shot off target

4/7 ground duels won

4/7 aerial duels won

3 times fouled

14 times lost possessionBecause Uruguay’s next match is against Portugal, Nunez still has a chance to redeem himself in the competition. Portugal is the team that Uruguay will face next.

Because “they can’t afford Bellingham,” Liverpool was given the option to either sell major assets or find new investors.

Because Liverpool has identified the midfield as one of their most pressing areas for improvement before the following summer, they are exhibiting a significant amount of interest in the possibility of acquiring Jude Bellingham.

According to Chris Bascome of the Telegraph, Liverpool will not be able to buy Bellingham because it is thought that he is worth more than one hundred million pounds. However, Bellingham is a costly asset.

According to the report, Liverpool is already out of the running because of the valuation of Bellingham, and they cannot hope to compete unless they either find some new investors or sell a significant player. This is because they cannot hope to compete unless they either find some new investors or sell a significant player.

Real Madrid, a club that has also showed considerable interest in the player, is the organization that is most likely going to have the financial means to acquire the 19-year-old when he becomes available in the summer. Real Madrid has also shown strong interest in the kid. Liverpool has shown a significant amount of interest in acquiring the player.

Because of the way things are currently going at Liverpool, FSG has indicated that they would be open to selling the club if they received an offer that was satisfactory.

It has been established without a reasonable doubt that ‘Genius mind’ will be moving away from Liverpool.

According to an article written by journalist Fabrizio Romano, Julian Ward is planning to step down from his role as the sporting director of Liverpool at the end of the 2022/2023 season.

Many individuals were caught aback by the news that Julian Ward would be succeeding Michael Edwards as CEO in the summer of 2017, when the position was first announced.

Julian Ward has decided against pursuing any professional opportunities within the football industry following his departure from the Anfield club.

During the past decade, Julian has contributed to The Kop in a number of different ways, serving in a range of capacities.

After Julian’s departure, the leadership of the English team is left with a lot of misgivings about the way things turned out.

During the offseason, Julian was the man at Liverpool responsible for several expensive transfer deals.

Both the person in charge of transfers, Dave Fallows, and the person in charge of transfers, Barry Hunter, had very great things to say about him (Head of Reconnaissance).

At the conclusion of the 2022–2023 season, Julian departed from Liverpool. This was the moment that he started a new chapter in his life.

Julian devised the most efficient strategy for the club’s player transfers after Michael Edwards had left The Kop, using the information that he had gathered throughout the process.

He has high hopes of producing a new generation of players for the home team who are on the younger side and have a great deal of talent.

According to the report, the individual moving from Liverpool possesses a “great mind.”

The primary goal that Julian has set for himself is to foster the growth of emerging talent in order to improve the prospects that Liverpool will continue to enjoy a prosperous future.

Julian was successful in bringing three promising new players to Anfield in the summer of 2022 and signing them to contracts with the club as a result of his efforts. This trio of players was comprised of Darwin Nunez, Fabio Carvalho, and Calvin Ramsay.

Finding out about it was a little bit unexpected on my part. Concerning Liverpool, there were a few good reasons to be worried about what might happen there. It appeared as though there was chaos going on behind the scenes at the same time that The Kop was getting ready to change owners. Jamie Carragher revealed that it was difficult for Liverpool to locate an immediate replacement that was suitable.


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