3 disappointments of Man Utd against Nottingham: Faint rookie

Let’s take a look at the players who have not really impressed in the victory of Manchester United.


In fɑct, the performance of the Brazilian star has become significantly more positive than in some recent matches. But, it is still completely not worth the amount of up to 100 million euros that Manchester United have spent.

In the 38th minute, Antony almost made a sᴜper product with a classy volley with his left foot. However, the ball went narrowly over the crossbar, and that was almost the only noticeable highlight that the former Ajax star left on the field, besides the situation of ‘compa rotation’ was not really necessary.

Antony is still unstable.

Statistics from Sofascore show that, in more than 60 minutes of play, Antony did not have any passes to create chances for teammates, and at the same time he did not launch a cross into the box to help Wout Weghorst take advantage of points. strong in air combat ability. In general, Antony has not yet brought effective in his handling phases.

Alejandro Garnacho

Similar to Antony, Garnacho also showed many positive signs on the field and continuously caused waves for Nottingham’s defense. However, the Argentine talent lacked the necessary efficiency and did not really make an impact on the game.

Garnacho has not been effective.

Garnacho’s quick runs and sprints are obviously impressive, but the 18-year-old talent still needs a lot of improvement in the final steps. In more than 60 minutes of being on the field, Garnacho launched only 1 shot, only successfully completed 1/total of 5 dribbling situations and all 3 of this striker’s crosses did not go. exactly. Similar to Sancho, Garnacho could not create any good opportunities to help his teammates finish.

Wout Weghorst

Weghorst’s performance would have received more positive reviews if he could have won a penalty for Man Utd in a collision with Remo Freuler in the box. However, the referee did not bring the advantage to the Red Devils, so the only mark Weghorst left in this match was just a situation where the ball hᎥt the post at the end of the first half.

Weghorst had a lackluster match.

It can be seen that Weghorst was relatively out of place on the field and could not find a connection with Man Utd’s attacking players. In more than 60 minutes on the field, the Dutch striker only had a total of 16 touches and released 7 passes, while Anthony Martial – despite coming on in the 63rd minute, had 15 touches and 13 passes in total, including 2 scoring opportunities for teammates.

According to Sofascore, Weghorst was involved in a total of four duels against Nottingham players but only won once. More importantly, the situation where the ball hᎥt the post was also the only goal that Weghorst made in this match.

Ten Hag criticized for commenting on Eriksen’s injᴜry

Danny Murphy has criticized Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag for his comments on midfielder Christian Eriksen’s injᴜry.

Manchester United will be without Eriksen for three months after the Denmark international was injured by a foul from Reading’s Andy Carroll.

The Red Devils won Reading 3-1 in the fourth round of the FA Cup last weekend, but Ten Hag was disappointed by Eriksen’s injᴜry. After the game, Ten Hag criticized Carroll for playing dangerously and demanded more protection from the governing body.

Ten Hag lost key players in 3 months.

Murphy countered Ten Hag, saying of Carroll being sent off too: “I don’t understand why you would go out and talk about it when it’s just a consequence of playing football. We don’t want to see it. bad tackles…but look at Martinez’s elbow!”

“I don’t mind when he says, ‘I’m frustrated with the tackle, bad play, Carroll should have been sent off, foul play and I’m disappointed for Eriksen, but that’s football, it happens, that’s why we have a big squad, and we have to get on with it’.”

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