Loyal cat refuses to leave his owner’s grave for a year to do ‘last thing’ for his late owner

Referring to the loyalty of animals, many people will immediately think of dogs, but cats are no less competitive.

Not long ago, a cat in Indonesia proved that cats are equally loyal by remaining at their owner’s grave for a year after the owner’s death.

Loyal cat refuses to leave his owner's grave for a year to do 'last thing' for his late owner 1

This loyal cat was first seen lying next to a grave at a cemetery in Central Java province (Indonesia).

Many visitors to the cemetery gave the cat food and water, but it refused to follow anyone, just lying by the grave, rolling around on the open ground around and sleeping there every night.

Loyal cat refuses to leave his owner's grave for a year to do 'last thing' for his late owner 2

A man named Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, thought this was a feral cat, so he brought this cat home to take care of.

However, the cat then left and returned to lie next to the grave where he was before.

“At first I thought it was a feral cat so I took it home to take care of it, but it always finds a way back to where it was,” Keli said.

“I have observed it and noticed that it is always by that grave, sometimes only leaving for a few hours before coming back.”

“I followed the cat and noticed it went back to the house it used to live in and was fed there.

After each meal, it immediately goes back to the grave, plays and sleeps there,” Keli added.

Keli then learns and learns that this is the grave of the cat’s former owner, a woman named Kundari, who has just passed away for nearly a year.

Since Mrs. Kundari’s death, the cat has been at her grave for the past year in memory of her.

Every day, the cat still returns to its owner’s house to be fed by Mrs. Kundari’s children, then returns to lie by the grave.

Loyal cat refuses to leave his owner's grave for a year to do 'last thing' for his late owner 3

“Since the cat’s owner passed away, he has been there for almost a year without leaving, he must have missed her and wanted to be by her side to comfort her soul,” added Keli.

“So sad to hear about this. This is a demonstration of the animal’s loyalty to its owner.”

Before that, a dog also became famous in Thailand when it was lying on the side of the road for a year waiting for its owner to come back to pick it up.

The dog fell from a pickup truck without the owner’s knowledge.

Since that time, this dog has stayed where it fell from the car in the hope that the owner will return, although many people have brought food and water and found ways to bring the dog home to take care of. .

However, this loyal dog’s efforts did not pay off when last September he was hit by a car and died on the side of the road, where he was still lying waiting for his owner to return.


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