(VIDEO) This cat breaks into wretched sobs, you will cry when knowing the reason

In China, there is a cat named Fu Fu who is looking at the camera with tears in her eyes when she hears her owner calling her name through a monitoring application on her phone.

According to Chinese media, the British short-haired cat Fu Fu (2 years old) is becoming the most popular animal in the country during the last Lunar New Year holiday after a video of Fu Fu crying because he missed his owner went viral.

Ms. Meng, the owner of Fu Fu, said that last Tet she went to her parent’s house in a town near Xuzhou for a holiday. Meng left Fu Fu at home for fear that the cat was not familiar with her parents’ house.

However, when she checked the cat through a monitoring app on her phone on the evening of February 8, she choked.

(VIDEO) This cat breaks into wretched sobs, you will cry when knowing the reason 1

Fu Fu cat burst into tears when she heard her owner’s voice. Image cut from the video.

In the video, hearing Meng calls out his name, Fu Fu burst into tears. Meng said: “Do you miss me?” and “I’ll be back in a few days”. When Meng’s voice rang out, Fu Fu turned to look at the door as if waiting for her mistress.

When the cat realized that the owner had not returned, the cat turned to look at the camera and then touched the camera with its paw. “It was heartbreaking to see this scene,” Meng said.

The woman who lives in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, revealed Fu Fu is a shy and clingy cat. It loves to hang around her. To ensure Fu Fu’s health, Meng prepared food and water for him before leaving for his hometown.

In the end, Meng decided to shorten his trip to return home to Fu Fu. “I was going to stay at my parents’ house for a week, but I left earlier,” Meng said.

The next video shared by Meng on Douyin when she got home after a four-day absence showed Fu Fu excitedly running towards her owner.

(VIDEO) This cat breaks into wretched sobs, you will cry when knowing the reason 2

Fu Fu cat at his owner’s home in Xuzhou, China. Photo: Meng.

According to research, cat tears can be a sign of illness, such as an eye infection or blocked tear ducts. However, Meng insists that Fu Fu is completely healthy. According to Meng, Fu Fu usually only sheds tears when nervous or hungry.

Currently, Fu Fu’s “cry” video has attracted more than 8 million likes and more than 250,000 comments. Many netizens have flocked to express their love for the 2-year-old cat. One fan wrote: “Melts at the sight of Fu Fu’s eyes”. Another joked: “He won’t miss you. He misses his fish.”

VIDEO: Fu Fu looks at the camera with tears in her eyes


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