2 situations of Enzo Fernandez make fans feel pity for him – the poorest star in Chelsea

The rare bright spot of Chelsea at a time when the team was deeply in crisis is what comforts the Blues fans.

 Enzo Fernandez felt angry when Manchester United made it 3-0 thanks to Bruno Fernandes. The incident caused the players on the field to dissuade the Argentine star.

 The 2022 World Cup-winning midfielder reacted violently.

 He and Kepa Arrizabalaga were in the middle of the home team’s star circle. If Kepa does not intervene, the former Benfica player can touch Fred and Jadon Sancho.

 Enzo always w/a/n/t/e/d to approach Bruno but was often stopped by the people around him.

 That bloody moment of number 5 more or less comforted Chelsea fans. Even when the whole team gave up because they lost 3 goals and no longer had motivation this season, Enzo still showed enthusiasm.

 In another situation involving Bruno, Enzo stopped the Portuguese star right in front of the penalty area. He tripped the ball from the Man Utd player.

 The ball flew to another position while Conor Gallagher showed a lack of concentration.

 Enzo quickly signaled to Gallagher that Casemiro needed to be pressed, not to play lightly.

 Gallagher’s slowness left Casemiro free to press the ball for Jadon Sancho to clear the offside trap. Thanks to that, Sancho created the setup for Anthony Martial to score.

 A few days ago, before Chelsea, Enzo raised his hands to the side complaining that the Chelsea players lacked attacking support. The star born in 2001 “looks lost” in the Chelsea squad.

 Enzo is indeed the most pitiful star at Chelsea when he is playing hard but can’t find a matchmaker. It is very different from the midfielder playing for Argentina at the 2022 World Cup and one of his good partners is Julian Alvarez.

Why is Chelsea bitter when Man Utd celebrates the goal

Enzo Fernandez was not pleased when the Man Utd player celebrated Bruno Fernandes’ goal to make it 3-0.

In the 73rd minute, Man Utd was awarded a penalty after Wesley Fofana cut down Bruno Fernandes in the penalty area. 

From a distance of 11 meters, the Man United captain easily fooled Kepa Arrizabalaga, thereby raising the score to 3-0 for the host. 

While the Man United player celebrated his third goal from close to goal, Enzo acted cynically. He nudged the role of Jadon Sancho, then continued to exchange words with his colleagues on the “Red Devils” side. 

Immediately, Tyrell Malacia, and Fred rushed to protect Sancho. The duo number 12 and 17 showed a harsh attitude. Malacia even grabbed Enzo’s collar to show his face, only to receive a yellow card. 

The f/a/c/t that Man Utd players celebrate enthusiastically after having a goal to raise the score to 3-0 is said to be the cause of Enzo’s discomfort. The most expensive player in Premier League history has a pretty good performance. However, he alone is not enough to carry the tired and disoriented Chelsea team this season. 

Chelsea lost 1-4 at Old Trafford and extended a d/i/s/a/s/t/r/o/u/s run of form under interim manager Frank Lampard. “The Blues” won only 1 of the last 12 matches in all competitions, thereby having the first time in 27 years ending the season in the bottom half of the rankings. 

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