17-year-old gamer died after losing a PUBG Mobile match

The problem of mobile games and its impact on Indian teenagers is still plaguing many people.

In recent years, India’s mobile game market has experienced impressive growth thanks to titles like PUBG Mobile nice Free Fire.However, it also creates unwanted downsides. The madness it creates has been learned a lot in the past, but fortunately has been greatly reduced, at least until recently. A case announced on August 20th has rekindled the stains the game has inadvertently gotten into in the past, but to a much heavier degree.

A 17-year-old boy was found suspended in his room, and his family blamed the game PUBG Mobile for making him think. According to the report, it seems he committed this foolish act after losing a game. Many domestic sources said that the boy was playing PUBG on his phone and did not respond to other members when asked about dinner. Things became unsettling when the next day and he still didn’t open the door, at which point his family was forced to break into his room and that’s when they found him hanging. Family members say that the boy is often upset when he loses a battle, and that may be the main reason why he does something foolish.See also: PUBG Mobile 2.2: Nusa map, Gear Front mode and a bunch of new features

However, some other sources pointed out that this could be due to emotional issues as he was recently rejected by a girl. There is still no official information on the real cause of the boy, except that the police confirmed it was a suicide.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in 2020. But soon after, Krafton created a legal version for release in this country but was quickly banned in July 2022.See also: Link and how to download PUBG Mobile 2.1 beta APK update

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