13 y/o Mbappe was mocked and rejected by Chelsea because he lacked one particular quality

Premier League His mother refused a second trial

Kylian Mbappe: Better than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at 19 years old

Future World Cup champion Kylian Mbappe of France may have chosen Chelsea after undergoing a trial with the London club in 2012.

The player and his family did not return to England because the player’s mother resisted going back for a second training session after they were urged to do so.

Serge Daniel Boga, a former Chelsea scout, spoke with Goal about the forward’s choice to reject the Blues in the interview.

He said, “He took part in a trial, but he didn’t succeed in persuading us because he didn’t provide enough defensively.”

They went ahead and asked his mother whether he could come back for another trial, but she refused.

Mbappe made his professional debut while a member of Bondy, a neighborhood club on the suburbs of Paris.

The player’s mother reportedly informed his agents, “My son will not go back, either they sign him now or after five years they would have to offer 50m euros to bind him down,” according to speculations.

Boga acknowledged to the that Stamford Bridge’s coaching staff wanted to meet him again to assess his defensive capabilities.

“He wasn’t quite there in terms of defense. He was terrific when he had the ball, but when he didn’t, he wasn’t very productive “He explained things.

One commentator stated, “He is the kind of player that everyone wants to see. He has everything that a modern player needs to be one of the finest players in the next ten years. He is the kind of athlete that everyone enjoys watching.

When Mbappe was younger, his mother thought he was worth 50m euros, but now that he is 19, his value has increased dramatically.

‘I don’t want’: Possessing ‘amazing high’ salary, Mbappe has a very strange mind about ᴍᴏɴᴇʏ

Kylian Mbappé is topping the list of the 10 most expensive players at the 2022 World Cup with a value of 160m euros. For more than half a century, for the first time since 1966, fans have seen a star score a hat-trick in a world cup final…

Mbappé (23 years, 363 days) became the youngest player to score 12 goals in a World Cup in the tournament’s championship game. The French striker also made history by becoming the first player to score four goals in a World Cup final, with the top scorer in 2022’s tournament scoring eight.

He surpassed Pele in terms of goals scored in a World Cup before the age of 24 thanks to this accomplishment. Mbappé has now won six top scorer awards in his career. He was the top scorer in the UEFA Nations League final in 2021, and he has won the Ligue 1 Golden Shoe four times in the last four seasons.

Mbappé posted the phrase “We will be back” on Twitter and Instagram 16 hours after the 2022 World Cup final, garnering more than 10m likes in just over three hours. Numerous well-known accounts left comments on Mbappé’s tweet, in which FIFA expressed their “eagerness to see him play again.” Pele, the football king, inscribed “Thank you” with a hand clasped and a heart. “Thank you, Kylian,” the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) club’s account wrote in response. You have our utmost admiration.

The French President Emmanuel Macron had to personally phone Kylian Mbappé to persuade him to stay with PSG because he is so aware of his value both on and off the field. Mbappé vowed to leave PSG and join Real Madrid earlier this year, according to Dailymail. Due to this negotiation strategy, PSG was compelled to make the striker a startlingly big wage offer in order to keep him.

Mbappé’s one-year basic wage increased to 110m US dollars when PSG extended his contract with the club until 2025, virtually double Ronaldo’s ($40m) and Messi’s ($65m) annual base salaries. In addition, Kylian Mbappé received a $115m bonus from PSG for PSG to extend his contract.

PSG had to offer a surprisingly high salary package to convince Mbappé to extend his contract until 2025.

Currently, Mbappé is one of the most financially successful athletes in the sport of football. Besides the incredible contract with PSG, Mbappé also received many lucrative sponsorship contracts with world famous brands, but he always kept his principles. Like Ronaldo, he openly condemns evils such as gambling, ᴀʟᴄᴏʜᴏʟ and fast food, and does not sign any sponsorship agreements with companies engaged in sectors he considers harmful.

According to Edudwar.com, Kylian Mbappé has an estimated net worth of nearly $150m. Total annual income is $43m, according to Forbes. According to Forbes, for the 2022-2023 season alone, the player’s pre-tax income is $128m. It is estimated that the collection of Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Range Rover of the French “prodigy” has a total value of more than 800,000 usɗ.

With the current success, few people know that Kylian had a difficult childhood. Mbappé has never forgotten her difficult past, actively doing charity activities, attending many fundraisers, visiting “marginal” communities to play football with poor children. “I make enough ᴍᴏɴᴇʏ – a lot of ᴍᴏɴᴇʏ. So I think it’s important to help those in need. A lot of people are suffering and for people like us, helping people is not a big deal,” he said.

Mbappé is one of the most financially successful athletes in the sport of football.

Following France’s World Cup victory in 2018, Mbappé earned a salary and bonus of roughly $500,000. The player contributed all of this to a children’s charity. I don’t need to get paid, Mbappé declared while discussing this choice. I compete to defend the national flag’s colors.

Mbappé also aired his obvious opinions about in an interview with Radio Télévision Suisse at the end of 2018: “I was transported with that I never anticipated when I was a child. To me, who comes from a quite modest background, that is incredibly impolite. But that’s how the transfer market operates, and that’s how football is played. I won’t start a football revolution. I must adhere to the rules of the system I’m in and keep my composure.

Mbappé once more discussed his views with the French sports news website RMC Sport at the end of 2021. The player’s contract with PSG has not yet been renewed, and he is quite interested in joining Real Madrid: “I have a “quiet” contact with. Although I’m grateful to have it and am aware of how vital it is, it does not serve as my constant source of inspiration.

This young man, who just turned 24 today, December 20, 2002, has excellent ideas.

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